Been there, still doing that


Gibraltar Reservoir

One hundred and fifty years ago yesterday, the scene above had no water in it, besides the Santa Ynez river, which barely flowed most of the year. Looking down on that scene was William Brewer, who led a survey sent out by Josiah D. Whitney, who had recently been named California’s state geologist, and whose surname was later given to the state’s highest mountain. Brewer wrote many letters from the survey, which are collected and parsed out, exactly 150 years after they were written, by Tom Hilton in Up and Down California. Tom has been using a few of my many photos to illustrate Brewer’s blog posts. Yesterday’s contained the picture above.

Tom’s own shots are here. He explains the project here and here. It’s a cool thing. Check it out.

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  1. Tom Hilton says:

    Thanks for the plug! And many thanks for the use of your photos. A project like this would be impossible without Creative Commons licensing, and the people who are generous enough to use it with their work.

  2. Mortgage Toronto says:

    Amazing view! Wish I can experience similar landscape one day. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Billigt flyg says:

    What a fantastic view, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Hotell Stockholm says:

    I agree that really is spectacualr place!

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