The Internet doesn’t do this

The above, in order (1,2,3) is what I went through this morning when I searched for “emancipay” on Twitter.

Not knocking Twitter here. I am knocking the fact that we haven’t come up with the open Internet-based (rather than silo-based) way of microblogging.


But that’s what I’m hanging out in New York talking to folks about today. That’s a tease. Stay tuned.

[Later…] Okay, tease over. I was on Rebooting the News. I’d say and link more, but the connectivity situation here at the hotel is sub-minimal. Maybe tomorrow.

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8 Responses to The Internet doesn’t do this

  1. We have. It’s called And only those who care about freedom vs. Silos are using it.

  2. Hm. Non-silo’d microblogging sounds a lot like, well, regular blogging. Only shorter. The function of Twitter/FriendFeed/Tumblr is that it takes our messages & memes and aggregates them into a single place where we can all stop by the giant well o’ content and take the sip, slurp or gulp that suits our needs at the time & then move on.

    We can, of course, accomplish the same thing by setting up big ol’ RSS feeds, and then collectively agreeing to 140-char message headers, and then going through the process of seeking out and finding all the peeps that we’re following on the established platforms. The tug of war between convenience & customizability (h/t to Palin for the ability to make up words when I need them) has been adjudicated by the users in favor of convenience. It will remain this way until we get too many FailWhales & some other “forehead install” type solution pokes its head above the clutter.

  3. ere you by any chance talking to……Dave Winer?????

  4. Ashish says:

    Do you mean Federated Microblogging like based on FOSS platforms like

  5. ace says: has the same platforms like

  6. Joseph Rooks says:

    Hey, I was talking to one of my friends about exactly the same thing this morning when Twitter was BSODing itself. I’m looking forward to the day someone puts together a functional and user-friendly network that can communicate with other networks, as if “profiles” were just individually owned nodes that can talk to any others.

  7. Doc Searls says:

    I like and And I think it would be fine to have more platforms doing the same thing as Twitter. But what we need more is adoption of open protocols for blogging on all scales — protocols that are independent of any platform or network. Some exist. What else do we need and how do we drive adoption? Those are the questions.

  8. Luis Rivera says:

    Thats true has the same platforms like

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