I was overheard to have said…

Here is a well-done write-up of what I said in an interview by Lee Rainie yesterday here at FutureWeb in Raleigh. Having a fun time.

2 responses to “I was overheard to have said…”

  1. Looks like a fun event. Are you going to be in Chicago any time soon? I’d love to get a chance to explain Cabsec to you, face to face.

  2. Wish I could have made the talk… I’m glad that you have optimism for the internet, but I continue to lose mine… Proliferation of Spam and other wastes are completely disruptive to the quality of both search results and the quality of the network as a whole.

    To me, it seems like we may have exceeded the critical mass at somepoint in the past 12 months and are now at the point of diminishing returns. Your Thoughts?

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