Ya gotta be born sometime

Seems I with , , , , , and about 1/365th of the world’s population. I also , “the first general-purpose electronic computer“, and I were fired up the very same day in 1947 — ENIAC at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and I at in Jersey City. ENIAC worked until its plug was pulled in 1955. I still feel like I’ve just been plugged in. (Guess ENIAC was a pessimist.)

My birthday present to myself will be getting lots of work done.

Bonus link.

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  2. Well, happy birthday to our favorite amongst that noble crowd!

  3. Pauly says:

    Kind of ironic to have Il Duce and Dag Hamarskjold being born on the same day. And ENIAC is just plain cool. Happy Birthday Doc!

  4. Patrick says:

    Let’s all celebrate Doc, and the way Doc celebrates. A quick toast and back to shoveling these zeros and ones….

  5. Hi Doc,
    Happy Birthday from Marilyn Lynch – blast from HS&S days.
    I’ve climbed out of the Sales and Marketing 1.0 rabbit hole and here I am. Looking forward to catching the Cluetrain Manifesto 10th anniversary edition. My first read. Have a splendid day.
    Marilyn Lynch Carpenter

  6. Happy Birthday, Doc. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you recently, and hope you have many thoughtful, inspiring, fun and healthy years to come.


  7. Rex Hammock says:

    My copy of the 10th Anniversary Cluetrain Manifest arrived today from Amazon.com. That’s how I’m celebrating your birthday. Enjoy the day!

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  9. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks everybody. (Also all those on Twitter, IM, the phone…)

    Rock on…

  10. Ron Schott says:

    Happy Birthday, Doc. Hope it was a good one.

  11. Let me be one of the last to wish you a happy birthday, kid. Since I’m 26 days older, I can call you that.

  12. Chip says:

    Day Late Congrats

    You re yet another argument in my rant for raising the retirement age by at least a decade

    And one of my daughters noted that I’m busier than I was at 50


  13. dave taht says:

    Happy b-day (somewhat late)!

    I have been trying to become more productive lately, and it has involved getting the web out of my workflow, in particular, adopting some gtd methodologies.

    I have been wanting an outliner/todo/scheduler tool for years, was terribly missing MORE… and recently fell in love with org-mode ( http://www.orgmode.org ) which is helping me a lot. It’s easy (well, easy if you already know some emacs) and terrifically deep.

    There’s an introductory video around somewhere…

  14. Paul Crissman says:

    So we are moving on up in the words of George. and seem to be enjoying it too- and that is oh so good. Koh sedang quam yin de duay krap (that always sounded so good) and that ain’t happy birthday cause it is for far more than that, but it includes it.

    and btw as the kids might say Happy Birthday Dave! thanks for reminding me – (you seem to remember mine)


  15. Ben says:

    Nice, I’ll have to try that out. Probably will have to wait a few years since I’m only 27. Not too many famous dictators running around yet at 27.

  16. Bill Beckett says:

    As I get older I really do appreciate things I may not have given much thought to a few years back. Also finding myself more health conscience and eating more organic food
    , even bringing out a line of natural dog shampoo and organic dog food because I’m even valuing the friendship I have with my dog more! Well happy bday to everyone regardless of when their day actually is…! Bill @ evolutionsupply.

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