An early start to the fire season

Nothing on Inciweb yet on the Jesusita wildland fire above Santa Barbara’s San Roque district, on the slope of the Santa Ynez mountains, very close to town. Meanwhile Twitter is all over it. Or, citizen reporters are all over Twitter. Either way, it’s the Live Web at work.

By the latest report, about 160 acres have burned. In this dry back country, however, fires can spread far and fast. So, we’re concerned.

Here’s a map of the area, with evacuation areas and other details.

Some photos from the LA Times.

The Independent, always strong in fire coverage, has a section devoted to the Jesusita fire.

Here’s Edhat’s running news.

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A wall-o-TV-feeds.

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3 Responses to An early start to the fire season

  1. Matt Mason says:

    We will have video tonight, if I dont fall asleep before I am done editing…

  2. George J. Janczyn says:

    Here’s Cal Fire’s incident page:

  3. John says:


    We again hope that the fire stays away from your home. And a prayer never hurts either….

    Cuzin John

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