New Innerface

Sorry I’ve been quiet. Let’s see… I’ve only blogged on 12 days this month. A new low for me, I’m sure. There are several reasons, all good. The new one, though, is that I’m hunkering down on a book. For the first time, ever. Not easy for me. I’m a sprinter, not a marathon runner. I’m also more distractable than a kitten. That’s good for blogging and tweeting, bad for book-writing. (Where would either blogging or tweeting be without sublimated ADHD? Dropped in half? More?)

I’ve also been awol during an overhaul of Berkman blogs. (Not all those at the last link are hosted by Berkman, but I can’t find another link at the moment, and I need to get back to work.)

In any case, there’s a new WordPress dashboard here, which I’m using for the first time. This little authoring section is called “QuickPress”. I’m writing in HTML, because I assume there’s no other way. At least within this section. Which is cool. I like writing in HTML.

Haven’t found the wysiwyg authoring thing yet. More importantly, I need to get my OPML editor working with the blog. That’s my main means, and that connection seems to be broken. Might be at this end, because I’ve been switching laptops around too. Miss it. I’m an outline-y kinda guy.

Anyway, just letting ya’ll know that I’m here. Just busy.

5 responses to “New Innerface”

  1. “…more distractable than a kitten.”

    LOL at that one
    I have a major rewrite on recessions and likely causes, but keep putting it off due to lack of silent time.

    May head to cabin for a weekend … just me and laptop, but need internet for research/citations.

    Just good to hear that you are busy and healthy.

  2. Doc, there’s a little tab at the top right of a WP blog that says either visual or HTML. You can switch back and forth. I usually write in HTML, too, although I don’t know why I do that since I’m certainly not an expert in it. Then I switch over to visual.
    You will like WP.

    1. The old UI had those tabs, and I now see the new one does too. I like it okay, but I’m still getting used to it.

  3. I was looking for a central RSS-feed, including all of the Berkman blogs…there is any ?

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