Digging KGSR

Until I hit SCAN on the little radio I carry with me on trips, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed KGSR/107.1 the last time I was here at SXSW. They’ve added some power since then (up from 39kw to 49kw), but their stream still plays hard-to-get. There appears to be no .mp3 stream coming from the station (so forget using it on iPhones*), and one can only listen live in the browser, with a pop-up window that doesn’t work (at least for me).

They do note that they are in “HD”, which is audible only on a few expensive radios that almost nobody has, since the radio industry decided that HD needed to be a proprietary play, coming to the world only by grace of a company called Ibiquity. I could get started, but it’s not worth it. (Go here and click on “buy a radio” and see what happens.)

Anyway, if you’re in town, give it a spin. As I said three years ago here, great radio lives.

*[Later…] Thanks to Rod K, I am now listening to KGSR on my iPhone. WunderGround Radio did cost $5.99, and it took me awhile to find where in the app’s vast directory tree the radio listings were stored, but once I got there I was very impressed. And quite surprised that one can listen to a Windows Media stream. I sit corrected on that.

I still wish KGSR also had an .mp3 stream, but it’s still good to be able to hear them in any case.

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4 Responses to Digging KGSR

  1. Rod K says:

    For iPod listening the best app I’ve found so far is WunderGround Radio I just tried and it can stream KGSR 107.1 just fine. It is $5.99 but I find it is well worth it as I haven’t found any stations that don’t work, other than ClearChannel. The list of stations is from RadioTime and seems very comprehensive.


    The other streaming app I use on the iPod is fStream from SourceMac. I like it as I can enter my own stations.


    Rod Kratochwill

  2. Looking forward to when you have downtime to “get started” on the HD radio topic 😉

  3. Joel says:

    OOTunes (also $4.99) will stream KGSR at 64KB AAC on an iPhone. I’d really like to find an mp3 stream though because OOTunes isn’t a very good radio alarm clock.

  4. Doc Searls says:

    Good to know KGSR has AAC now and not just Windows Media. FWIW, I have OOTunes, and Wunduradio, and a number of other radios for the iPhone.

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