Pining for clones

The economy may be tanking, and our belts may be tightening to the dimensions of a sphincter, but … what can I say? I’m having a great time. I just wish there were more of me, to do all the many things that need to get done at once.

In the absence of clones, I keep more balls on the floor than anybody I know. One of them is this blog. Posting has been light lately because I’m too busy doing other stuff.

Right now it’s 3:27am, the laptop says. There are 26 items on my to-do list. I’m up early so interruptions won’t pre-empt more than 25 of them. I’m not sure if it’s a curse or a charm that I remain optimistic that all 26 will get done anyway. Probably both. What’s life without irony?

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4 Responses to Pining for clones

  1. Brett Glass says:

    Doc, I know whatcha mean; I need a few clones too just to keep up on the work I want to do. And to send to conferences…. When there’s only one of me, I cannot afford to travel much. My recent attendance at two conferences in one week, in the Bay Area, was a luxury for which I am now paying with 18-hour days.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Yeah, me too. Up since 2:45 this morning. Non-stop.

    By the way, thanks to you and Richard for taking the time to talk at Ecomm. I’ll let you know when that interview will go up and where. Meanwhile, enjoyed it.

  3. Getting up at 5AM tomorrow to fly to Philly to run a mapping party on Saturday and Sunday, flying home 7:45AM Monday. Doing it all over again in two weeks (Boston, Doc, come on down if you’re going to be in town).

  4. Doc Searls says:

    Alas, I was flying over Upstate NY today. 🙂 In Chicago at the moment. Austin next. But thanks for the invite. Really would love that kinda thing.

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