Manual transmission

Here at the IMA convention, the band just played. Just two songs. First was an excellent Foggy Mountain Breakdown, followed by an equally excellent vocal (familiar, but don’t know the title), featuring Yvonne. She and the other three members, all on acoustic instruments, are here. Anyway, check ’em out. They’re outstanding.

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  1. Erik Cecil says:

    I have a great bluegrass channel on Pandora – tweaking it for about a year now & about to merge it w/ a traditional Irish channel. You should subscribe. Steve Martin, b/t/w, plays a mean banjo himself. It’s the one thing I have 1/2 in common w/ him. I play but nothing like that.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    I have several bluegrassy channels on Pandora. Doc Watson. Red Clay Ramblers… Seldom Scene… Mike Auldridge… Love my Danny Gatton channel too.

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