Beyond unhelpful partisanship

A pause, in the midst of the day’s third and longest flight delay, to note that David Weinberger has a wise and helpful piece about the Rick Warren matter at NPR. Dig it.

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  1. RBM says:

    Thanks for this.

    Finally, *maybe* the rest of the world is catching up to me – at least Mr. Weinberger is there 😉

  2. Dave Winer says:

    I’ve been preaching the stuff that Weinberger is saying for a long time, but…

    I think he’s wrong, and Obama is wrong, and the people who say this is over the line are right. This isn’t a conference at the White House we’re talking about, this is the inaugural. And Weinberger doesn’t say where his limits are. What would be unacceptable for giving the inaugural invocation? Suppose he were a white supremicist, who said that Negroes were property. Could we put that up on stage when we inaugurate the first black President? Is Obama actually that open minded (and should he be?). I’ve read his book and I honestly don’t know the answer to that, the book doesn’t give me enough info. What if we were talking about a Neo-Nazi who said all Jews should be deported? Obviously, can’t have that right Dave? That would be about you and me, and we’ve been there before or more accurately our parents have.

    Warren has some very bad ideas about gays. Do they really have to stand alone Dave and say no this is too much to swallow?

    This is where you and I part Dave, I’ve seen you do this before, make excuses while a class of people attack another class. You can’t legitimize the kind of hate that Warren represents and still stand for anything.

    Obama makes a big point about not being an ideologue, about being a pragmatist, and I’m with him, up to a point. The United States is an ideology, not just pragmatics. We’ve been too pragmatic the last eight years, we’ve turned the other way while the rule of law was trampled along with the Constitution. Enough. I heard Obama say that in Denver, and it was right on. Enough. Warren is too much. I think the only correct answer is to boycott the inaugural. Sorry, no party. This is outrageous Dave.

  3. Mike Warot says:

    A helpful analogy comes from an unexpected source, the John Birch Society…

    The article describes the Christmas Truce of 1914… and ends with this gem:

    Such fraternity is hard to achieve, of course, but this is no indictment of faith. The truth is that the better a person’s ideals are, the less he can live up to them; thus, it’s not that Christianity is unfit to lead but that broken man is unfit to follow. Yet follow we must, toddling and stumbling as we go. And while we may not be able to stop every battle, with God’s grace we all can try to prevail in the one waged in the heart.

    May each of us seek to make that battlefield a beautiful place, where all regions are every man’s land and every day is Christmas.

    We are not the radical extremists at the outer bounds of social issues, but rather ordinary people caught up in trench wars not of our making. It’s time to see the big picture, put down our hatred and just get along.

    E Pluribus Unum

  4. Chip says:

    Re-read this piece – travel
    Hope you made it safe and sound
    Shirley and I got stuck in MSP – so “experienced” Mall of America
    Once in a lifetime – as in I don’t need to repeat

    Did kill time with “Cadillac Records” … OK for a blues fan.
    Long hours at MSP airport, followed by 5hr drive home (from downstate – normally 3.5) only to have failing brakes nearing home.

    Ah winter …
    Happy Holidays

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