Under reconstruction

Searls.com is down, and has been for a number of days. There was a RAID failure, and things got worse from there. We had to take the whole thing down and rebuild it. I’m hoping it will be up again in a few hours. Meanwhile, all mail to searls.com addresses is giong nowhere. Just letting you know.

Oh, and redirects from doc.searls.com to the much longer and non-memorable address of this blog aren’t working either. That should change shortly as well.

Thanks for your patience. If you’ve got any, you’re doing better than me.

– Doc

4 responses to “Under reconstruction”

  1. That’s odd… I type in blogs.law.harvard.edu/doc all the time, and have no problem remembering that.

    I had no idea your domain redirected you. 😉

    I hope it all works out for you.

  2. If you’re having trouble locating this blog at doc.searls.com, it’s at http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/doc/

    Oh, er, wait, you probably know that already.

  3. Thanks. Everything is back up now. I think.

  4. I use easydns for my dns services for one of my domains.

    The server for the domain is in my home office and provides email services and more to myself and my family members at home and afar.

    EasyDns’s PLUS package includes a mail store for when your server is unavailable. When the server is back in operations, all of the queued mail comes a rushing in.

    It’s cheaper than a cluster of servers and second network link. The cost is ~$60 per year and worth it is lost email is a concern.


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