For what the Zell tolls

The predicable catastrophe of Sam Zell buying the Tribune Company was perhaps best forecast (or at least remarked upon) by Hal Crowther. My response at the time was (and still is) here.

Bonus link. Another.

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3 Responses to For what the Zell tolls

  1. sb says:

    yeah, as a chicagoan, it’s been like watching sam zell teach your nephew to drive a stick shift. but without the car or your nephew.

  2. PXLated says:

    Hey Doc…
    As print newspapers die off, I wonder what the major retailers (BBY, Target, Etc) that live/die by their Sunday supplements will do. How will they adapt their marketing after such a long running focus?
    Did a gig at BBY a few years ago and it was amazing how everything seemed to revolve around the Sunday supplement. The supplement was god. The whole marketing department seemed to be more market research than a traditional marketing mix, all focused on what worked, what didn’t in the latest issue of the supplement. Most employees in the advertising dept., as well as the photo studio, were also working on the supplement. Heard that if you spun that dept. out it would be the 2nd/3rd largest agency in MN.
    The death of print will have a major ripple effect through other industries.

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Print will still exist. It just won’t have subscribers. Watch the arts weeklies continue to thrive while the big downtown landmark papers go belly up.

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