Whether report

My plane to Boston may or may not be delayed, depending on weather. Meanwhile, I forgot my laptop charger in Santa Barbara. So much for getting much done here and in the plane.

Some airports have places where you can buy laptop chargers, but not this corner of LAX. “International has a place”, says a United person behind a counter. But I’m not going to go there and come back through Security again. Too much time, too big a hassle.

Anyway, just a grr in the midst.

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  1. Terry Heaton says:

    This is why God made the spare charger to be always kept with the briefcase.

  2. British Air has switched to 110v style plugs in their new club world seats. Much easier than the cigarette lighters.

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Yeah, I don’t like the lighter system either. United had 110ac then switched to the other kind, which hardly work anyway. United is getting as run down as an old bus station.

  4. United’s fleet does have more of rundown feeling lately. The last nice one I flew was a 777 to from IAD-Denver about 4 years ago (I think it was one of the newer planes in service). Many of the others I’ve used lately really do feel kind of dingy.

  5. Doc Searls says:

    The 777s are holding up pretty well, althought there are glitches. The map (showing you where in the world you are) didn’t work the last time I flew one from Amsterdam-IAD. It’s the 757s that I take from BOS to SFO or BOS-LAX that are getting very run down. In those the TVs are shot and at least a quarter of the headset connections are broken.

    Last night I took a United Airbus 319 from LAX-BOS, and it was still pretty clean. No complaints, and lots of legroom in Economy Plus, or whatever it’s called. So, credit where due.

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