From hunger

A sure sign I’m getting better: craving food. My wife mentioned taquitos a few minutes ago and my mouth watered immediately. I wanted to walk over to Jose’s right then, barefoot in my hospital gown.

We won’t start until tomorrow, my GI doctor told me yesterday, no matter how good I felt. That’s cool. What’s one more wait after eight days of starvation?

Not everything has gone perfectly. I’ve had three IVs “infiltrate”, and my right arm is still swollen to odd dimensions, filled with fluid that should have gone in a vein. But I slept last night without drugs, which was cool, and I’m clearly on the mend. Can’t wait to gtf outa here.

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  1. “…barefoot in my hospital gown.”
    Not sure that is a good image … as I would also make a pretty bad one myself.

    Glad you are on the mend.

    Take care.

  2. Rejoicing here. You’ll be ALL better when the scent of hospital food sends your taste buds into anticipatory mode.

  3. Had a round of of hospital stays, procedures, tubes, flourescent lights and beeping monitors recently. Not what you’ve been through, but you have this well-wishing stranger’s empathy, my friend. Good health and the signs of its return transcend just about anything else. Bon appetit.

  4. Thanks, all three of you (so far). Terry, I’m sorry I haven’t called back. You called on the hospital phone, which doesn’t capture numbers, and I’m not sure I was up to it at the time anyway, even though I put on my most cheerful voice.

    But today is better, so far. Even though I just experienced my fourth vein blow-out (another “infiltration”).

  5. Great to read this, Doc. Sounds like you’re ticking upwards, infiltrations and other irritations notwithstanding. Have to love the fact that this post is tagged “Future”. Actually, just wonderfully happy that you’re able to tag anything “future”.

  6. Hey Sweetie, Doug and I are glad to hear you’re on the mend, but still worried about you until they bounce your tush out the door. Or is it going to be a race between you and the staff to see how fast you book for home?

    Sorry to hear you’re blowing veins. Not fun. Be darn sure your veins are not leaking and you’re in good shape before you’re checked out. If they haven’t warned you, they will be sore for a while. I just hope they get you out of there real soon, becase the other options for putting lines into you are not nearly as much fun. Trust us on that one.

    If J mentioning taquitos makes you hungry– you have to be getting better! Doug wants to know if they’ve got you on a TPN (IV Food in a bag?)

    Ask the MD or the RN’s if you’re going to get any liquid food to try before they let you go? It’s normally broth, jello etc. If nothing else ask for a popsicle. They’ve got some good ones that make help ease the stomach problems.

    We hope you get home real GD soon!

  7. Wanting to eat tacoquitos? You must be feeling better! Be sure that you really do eat some “real” food (I don’t recommend tacoquitos though) at least an hour or two before you are scheduled to go home. Really. Nothing is worst than being all excited to finally go home, and then get home and have to go back in the hospital because food wasn’t cooperating and pain got out of control. I am hopin’ the very best for you…and hope you get to go home soon!

  8. David Weinberger Avatar
    David Weinberger

    Yay, phew, and attaboy.

    So glad you’re coming around the horn on this one.

    Keeping getting well soon, Doc.



  9. Thanks, all. Answers in the next post. 🙂

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