And now, in my case as well

This is mostly true:

This one is my fave.

There is no business I wish more that I had thought of than Just freaking brilliant. And humbling.

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12 Responses to And now, in my case as well

  1. Ellen Miller says:

    I’ve owned and proudly wear this T-shirt three mornings a week to the gym. Keeps ya’ humble!

  2. Bryan Price says:


    Too true.

    And I loled.

  3. I saw this two weeks ago and wanted to buy one to wear to the Personal Democracy Forum, but they don’t sell this exact shirt. They offer a slightly modified form:

    “More people have read this shirt than MY blog.”

    …which is way too self-depricating for my inexplicably confident personality.

    If only Despair Inc. had a relbutton I could use to express my preferences!

  4. MJ says:

    Ha!!!! I love it… It’s so true (for me anyway!)

  5. Paul Baines says:

    Hey nice find Doc! I’m tempted to do a review of (not that they need it I’m sure). I have to admit this t-shirt definitely applies to my blog… lol.

    Ah well at least this t-shirt isn’t advertising a blog – I find that kinda sad when someone resorts to promoting themselves on their own clothes – (check out for the worst offender ever) – it’s like forcing every stranger you meet to look through your holiday snaps – or read your rough draft for a novel that will most likely never be published – no one wants to know. Keep an eye out for that review for anyway – You might even enjoy it – I’m told my blog is weirdly wonderful even if it only has the two readers :p

  6. It always amazes me how popular geek humour t-shirts are but then I suppose geeks to have to wear clothes – I just can’t imagine someone wanting to wear this in public!

  7. StoreCrowd says:

    We actually didn’t manage to include despair in our recent article on places to find the Geekiest T-Shirts although some of them are pure gold.

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