Fire in the hole

While stading in Harvard Square yesterday, taking pictures of NSTAR workers fixing whatever it was that caused the underground fire there last Friday, a guy on a bike comes up and says, “YouTube. Just look up Harvard Square fire. Some great footage.”

He didn’t say, “Tune in Channel 4 at 6pm.”

Here are the results.

I hope that answers Chris Pirillo’s question.


A few minutes ago I transfered all the photos I took yesterday while biking, driving and walking around Cambridge. Got a lot of great ones, including shots of the work at Harvard Square, Spring on The Yard, sunset on railroad tracks, friends at a restaurant, family doing fun stuff…

Then I put the SD card back in the camera and re-formatted it.

Then I discovered I had failed to transfer the pictures.

I’m still bummed.

And that doesn’t even cover yesterday’s other screw-ups.

In the midst of which the doctor told me I still have chest pain because my lung isn’t done healing and I should give it more exercise.

Anyway, enjoy the footage. The longest. The best.

4 responses to “Fire in the hole”

  1. As long as you haven’t used the card since, there are various ‘unformat’ and data recovery apps for memory cards, which might get your photos back. So far (touch wood) I haven’t had to use one, so I can’t recommend a specific product.

  2. Thanks. I used something called PhotoRescue, and got ’em back.

  3. i can relate doc. I fell off my bike twice in one day yesterday. shit happens 🙂

  4. I always use right-click drag and MOVE to get them out of the film… I never format the cards. I’ve been doing this since the last time I did the same thing you did, and lost stuff.

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