Too true

Stuff white people like.

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  1. And that’s not even half of it. Did you catch the news on the book deal last month?

    Gary Dauphin’s excellent reaction in TheRoot, WPNI’s smartly-written webzine, contains this gem:

    “I’ll confess that part of my antipathy is just old-fashioned player hate. Nothing gets under my (colored, nearly-middle-aged) skin like the spectacle of a twentysomething white kid doing what twentysomething white kids do all the time, namely, play on some or another aspect of their race for smug fun and profit. Lander has already reportedly been offered a $350K-plus book deal from Random House. (Can a VH1 Special be very far behind?) People of color are constantly accused of playing various race cards, but ‘White boy makes good by being white’ is hardly a man-bites-dog story.”

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