Memphis meltdown

Comes a time in every NCAA final when a team melts down. It usually happens near the end, when the game is close, such as when Chris Webber of the Michigan Fab Five called a time out when there were none left, and Carolina went on to win the game. And to Duke when it went down to Kansas, and later to Louisville. I was there for the Kansas game, in Kansas City, as a Duke fan. The next year Duke was #1 again, and in the final four at the Kingdome in Seattle. Four of us drove seventeen straight hours from Palo Alto to see that game. Duke was up by a pile of points against Seton Hall when its ace rebounder, Robert Brickey, went down with an injury. After that Duke tanked and lost by 25 points of something. Michigan ended up winning it all that year.

This year it was Memphis that melted, and they did it at the foul line. Kansas was behind and fouled for possession, hoping that Memphis would miss. It was a good strategy. Kansas needed great play to do the job, but they also needed Memphis to melt. Which it did.

The Tuesday Morning quartercoaches are being highly critical of Memphis coach John Calipari for not getting his guys to foul Kansas players in the final seconds of the game — which would have left Kansas still behind by a point, even if they had hit both free throws — and for not calling a time out. Yet the players had earlier chances to win at the foul line, and choked. They melted, plain and simple.

A side issue. Because the game started after The Kid’s bedtime here on the East Coast, we got up early and watched it this morning on the DVR. But because the program was scheduled for 2 hours and 30 minutes, the DVR cut off right when Kansas’s last shot was in the air. I gotta say that totally sucks. We didn’t know if the shot went in, and saw none of the overtime. (Which may have been just as well, since The Kid’s bracket had Memphis winning it all. He was a partisan on this one.) Instead we went to ESPN and learned the ending from Mike & Mike.

Anyway, why isn’t there some kind of override in DVRs that comes into effect when sports are involved, and the end of the show isn’t known? Next time I’ll record the following show, just to be sure.

Meanwhile, arg.

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  1. Tom O'B says:

    With Tivo when it knows it is a live event it asks if you want to add an hour when you set it up to record. You only have to miss one fantastic finish to choose this option. (Better UI).

    Also, I do think that Calipari was out-coached by Bill Self (who woulda thought) and you are exactly right – Memphis did NOT make the free throws that would have iced the game.

    Props to Kansas for keeping their cool and executing. They did not make a single mistake in the last 5 minutes of the game or in overtime. Really smart basketball.

  2. Mark says:

    A DVR note — the recording options seem to vary by service provider.

    My DVR service (SaskTel MAX) let’s me choose whether to over-record (or, oddly, start late) by 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour. It tells me when recording overtime conflicts with another scheduled recording too.

    On the downside, it doesn’t have an option to record all episodes of a series with one click, like some others I’ve seen. Just the old One Time, Daily, Weekly options like my VCR.

  3. Doc Searls says:

    My DVR is in my Verizon FiOS set top box. Seems rather short on TiVo-grade features. The one in our Dish Network box at our main house (in California) works much better and offers many more advantages.

  4. J says:

    Comcast DVR lets you set over-record option. But yes in a perfect world it would just “know”. Too bad it goes off of the guide instead of some kind of hidden stream in the video feed that says “hey this show is still on keep recording”

  5. Open Source FTW, Doc.

  6. Jim Russell says:

    Wait a minute — a Jersey boy like you wasn’t rooting for the Hall in 1989? Yeah, Michigan took the final. By one point. In overtime. Argh.

    They came back from 18 points behind in the Duke game.

  7. Dave Politis says:

    I had the Tigers winning it all too, Doc. It was very, very painful to watch the last three minutes of that game.

    Me, when it comes to Tivo-ing sports events, I always manually set the record feature for 30 minutes to an hour longer than the anticipated ending. I only had to miss one ending of an important game to set that precedent for-ev-er!

  8. Doc Searls says:

    There’s an old bumper sticker that says:

    The University of New Jersey at Durham

    I didn’t go there. (Instead I went to Guilford College, source of World B. Free, M.L. Carr and Bob Kauffman.) But I did work there, and live for years in Durham. That’s how I got into the team.

    My loyalties are kind of spread across Duke, Carolina and Wake Forest, thanks to family connections at all three places. This year I also cared a bit for the UMBC Retrievers, because my daughter teaches there.

    For football, the family connections are all on the west coast: USC, UCLA, Cal.

    That Seton Hall game was so awful. Duke totally fell apart. Kind of like Carolina did in the first half against Kansas this year.

  9. Doc Searls says:

    Russ, I’d love to hook up MythTV to this thing. If we cared more about TV, we would. As it is, sports is about all we watch, and than only when it matters. 🙂

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