The (be)low cost airline

Blog here says Skybus, which for awhile had $10 fares, has cratered.

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  1. I wonder if it is time to consider a new model for aircraft and air transit that isn’t built around toilet paper rolls with wings.

    Perhaps something along the lines of a blended wing body that has a much larger carrying capacity at a lower fuel costs. Of course the 797 is a hoax ( but NASA is looking at this concept (

    On a couple flights back across the Atlantic I’ve looked up at the 10 oclock position only to see 1 or 2 other planes, basically flying in formation back across the ocean. It’s not efficient for this sort of transport over commonly transited routes.

  2. Harl Delos says:

    Are you surprised?

    Forbes magazine pointed out a year or two ago, that if you take all the airlines that have ever existed in the US, and add up their profits and losses over the years, you end up with a net loss.

    The only airline that seems to be bucking the trend is Southwest. They claim the secret is turning around planes quickly; you don’t make any money waiting in line. That’s why they fly into Islip instead of flying into any of the New York City airports.

    If Southwest continues to make money, good for them – but I wouldn’t bet on it. Companies have a tendency, once they “make it”, to start doing everything EXCEPT what made them successful.

    McDonald’s used to have a short menu, low prices, and blazingly fast service. MTV used to show music videos. WalMart used to have everything in stock, and they thanked you by name when you checked out.

    It seems to be an inviolable rule….

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