Lessig on Obama

Check out Larry Lessig‘s video on why he supports Barack Obama. It is, as always, thoughtful, persuasive, and masterfully done.

Here’s the text. It’s strong stuff. But the video is stronger. It’s not a speech. It’s the video equivalent of a visit your home, your psyche. And your heart. Watch and listen.

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3 Responses to Lessig on Obama

  1. Mike Warot says:

    I wish this had been out earlier… but yes… it’s a very powerful message.

    I believe Larry is right about Obama’s character vs Hillary… but I think that anyone who doesn’t focus on the elephant in the room isn’t going to matter..

    What elephant? – The physical economy.

    We don’t make things in this country any more. We outsourced our manufacturing because it seemed to be the smart thing to do at the time, thanks to cheap oil and an overvalued dollar. We built suburbs that extend more than an hours drive away from Chicago, for example. It’s all unsustainable, and reality is about to slam us in the face.

    Gasoline is going to hit $10 per gallon… everyone knows it’s a fact… the only debate is about when. Then some day it’s going to be $20/gallon… then $100/gallon… and up and up.

    How? Inflation… the most insidious tax of them all. We have a currency that is backed only by faith in the US Government… have you seen their poll numbers lately?

    It’s a huge mess… and universal health care isn’t a practical option if we have 50% or worse unemployment.

    Whoever gets the job in 2009 has to mend a broken country. I hope whoever gets it, is up to the task.

    May God forgive America.


  2. Alison says:

    Thanks for providing the text link, some of us aren’t able to watch videos unless they are subtitled. 🙂

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Mike, agreed.

    Hard to talk sweet platitudes about America the Whatever and deal with the fact that we’re in too many handbaskets to list in a paragraph.

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