At least he won’t have to eat that too

Here’s the last paragraph of a story about a trapped man who survived by eating rotting animals and blowing a whistle at wolves and coyotes:

  A hospital official said Mr Hildebrand’s injuries were not life-threatening, but the newspaper, quoting an Emergency Medical Services official, said one leg that was pinned might have to be amputated.

Via Guy Kawasaki and

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  1. fp says:

    My theme-word for 2008 is YUCK, and I must say this post plays into a couple of different facets. First, of course is the gross and “yucky” aspect, the fellow eating rotting animals (ewww, gross) and his leg getting all gangrenous and stuff. But for everything yucky there is a redemptive aspect, so we can yuck it up that “At least he won’t have to eat that too.”

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