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Years ago at a small event the give-away schwag was an portable laptop tripod. We set it up once, couldn’t figure out how to break it down again, and put it the first of a series of storage closets. We’ve lived 9 places in 10 years, I’m sure it’s been transported between at least half of them.

Anyway, during this last trip back to Santa Barbara it occurred to me that this little stand would be ideal for my wife, who likes to use her laptop in the living room of the apartment we’re renting near Boston. So I finally figured out how to break it down and set it up again, then stuffed it in a bag that I carried here to Las Vegas, en route back East.

A few minutes ago I decided to use it here at my hotel, where, as always at hotels, the desk is uncomfortably high, and was giving me shoulder cramps.

Now I wish I had discovered this thing years ago. Yes, it’s a little shaky (it’s very light), but that’s my only quibble. Otherwise it does a great job serving as an artificial lap that stands between my knees while I sit upright in a comfortable chair. (This hotel has one of those, at least.) Since the flat part of the stand that supports the laptop is aluminum and open underneath, it makes a good heat sink and keeps the hot bottom of the laptop off my legs. And it can be adjusted not only for height but for angle as well. Pretty slick.

Even at the $99 list price, I’d say it’s worth it. And I’m betting that there are plenty of discounts out there.

In any case, the insTand may be the most useful piece of schwag I’ve received. Highly recommended.

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3 Responses to A standout product

  1. fp says:

    I recommend the Levenger lap desk. Not good for travel necessarily, but handy around the house! And half the price of the insTand.

  2. Jan Searls says:

    Ikea has both the “Dave,” a tripod laptop stand at $25 and the “Brada,” like the Levenger above but with a more comfortable lap pad, for $18. Both available online. I was thinking of giving you the Dave for your next birthday, Doc, but I guess I’m too late. Out-schwagged again.

  3. Liz D. says:

    THANK you for writing the product review. I’m enrolled in a graduate program — both the library tables & the classroom chairs (those evil right-hand deskette ones) are killing my back and my wrists.

    I looked at some of the portable stands but was unwilling to invest sight-unseen.

    I can also use the insTand as a writing surface in the classroom.

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