Bottom of the morning to ya

Am I alone in beginning to think that a blog post is just a Twitter post that’s longer than 140 characters?

Anyway, I’m typing this at the eye doctor’s office, following up on my visit here in November, when my right eye went through posterior vitreous detachment. (Not as bad as it sounds; just annoying.) My eyes have now been dilated, and I’m writing this with the outliner set to supersize type, so I can read what I’m writing through the blur.

But I’m not posting about the subjects of either of those first two paragraphs. I’m posting about the continuing refresher course in Northeastern Living I’m getting by dwelling in Boston.

This morning’s lessons: Walking on frozen slush, and Waiting for the Bus. If the slush is broken up by footprints and tire tracks before it freezes, it’s not hard to traverse, provided your shoes or boots (the latter are preferable) have tread on them. And if your bus is already full of people when it pulls in to pick up the fifteen or twenty at your stop, don’t worry. They’ll fit.

I’ll unpack the latter lesson.

As the 79 bus to Alewife pulled up to my stop on Mass Ave, the guy standing next to me saw how crowded the bus was, then said “No way in hell we’re all going to fit in there!” Then he turned and stomped off like a child, toward the next bus stop. Our whole crowd crammed into the bus. We could have made room for the guy. I know that for sure because, not long after we passed him, the bus stopped at the next corner and picked up another ten people.

Okay, they just called my name. Time to look into bright lights and get told my eyes are crappy but okay.

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  1. sims says:

    Oddly enough, I was waiting at a bus stop today so I could then catch a ferry to the other, bigger island. Electric has been out all day on the small island Gozo but that is not really a critical thing there. Time is different on small islands, I suspect the Great VaVaVoom would have agreed with that. No electric kinda screws up my porting a Mac app to Windows though 😉

    Any way, sitting there on the curb with my ‘winter sandals’ on I was pondering the writing style of your weblog and also reflecting on how sometimes your posts seem like a twitter. Ain’t joking. Don’t do twitter myself but read about them.

    Two buses and one ferry later Cloe and I got to the big city (Valletta) and our other home/office and I read your post.

    That you were actually blogging under those conditions made me think that maybe you’re due for a nice vacation in a remote corner of the planet, no offense meant with these words Doc.

    Gozo claims to be the home of Calypso who kept Odysseus captive for seven years. As of last week I passed Odysseus’s seven year mark and might just stay here another seven or more as the pace here has done wonders for my blood pressure 😉

    If you feel the need to escape to a ‘mythical’ timeless island for some unwinding let me know. Usually takes a non-islander a few weeks to even begin to unwind though.

  2. Matt Smith says:

    You are not alone in your thought that a blog post is simply a possibly longer twitter post…

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