Looking back on tomorrow

Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, looks back from 2500. A sample:

  One outcome of this- — the greatest psychological survey in the whole of history- — was to demonstrate conclusively that the chief danger to civilization was not merely religious extremism but religions themselves. This was summed up in a famous saying: “All Religions were invented by the Devil to conceal God from Mankind.”
  Billions of words of pious garbage spoken by statesmen, clerics and politicians down the ages were either hypocritical nonsense or, if sincere, the babbling of lunatics. The new insights enabled by the Psi-probe helped humans finally recognize organized religions as the most malevolent mind virus that had ever infected human minds.

By the way, Sir Arthur turns 90 on 16 December.

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7 Responses to Looking back on tomorrow

  1. I’d point out that the problem is less religion than it is fanaticism. Secular fanatics – fascists and communists, for instance – have killed far more efficiently than the religious fanatics have, for instance.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    I agree. I just lifted the most coherent section of his piece.

  3. Mike Warot says:

    Governments are really the ones to watch out for… they run the war racket.

  4. Doc Searls says:

    Ah Mike, but when religions run the governments…

    Of course, that wouldn’t happen here, would it? 🙂

  5. Mike Warot says:

    The Wingnuts have firmly taken hold at the Air Force Academy, if reports are to be believed.

  6. Something about the water in Colorado Springs does it, I think.

  7. jthoagland says:

    Read the following from Fla to Detroit tonight, layover then home
    Economist on Religon


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