My first Guy Fawkes experience

Heading to the fireworks in Battersea Park. Might see some of ya’ll there.

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4 Responses to My first Guy Fawkes experience

  1. Martin says:

    Here’s another Guy Fawkes experience – from Copenhagen today (in connection with the upcoming elections)

  2. Geoff says:

    You have to work out whether we are celebrating Guy Fawkes attempt at blowing up Parliament or his capture and subsequent torture, remembering the English love the underdog.
    An aside is that when I was a kid (remember I’m one day older than you 🙂 ) the night before Bonfire night was mischievous night when as young lads we could create havoc and mayhem in our village. Sadly, today, this has been replaced by the American import of Halloween a much watered down and commercialised event that was totally unknown in my childhood.
    Maybe we can get to see you in Cambridge UK some day 🙂

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Geoff, I’d love to come to Cambridge on one of these trips.

    Meanwhile, I’m actually sorry to see Halloween observed here, with Guy Fawkes Day so soon after it.

    In respect to Halloween, however, there was a tradition when I was growing up of “Mischief Night” or “Cabbage Night” on the evening before Halloween, much the same as what you describe. Not sure where that’s at now. I think that’s watered down too.

  4. Claus says:

    Doc, the top link above is pure political spam, from the (remnants of) the danish communist party. No Fawkes-related material whatsoever in the danish page linked to.

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