Fire news, cont’d

I’m just dumping notes here, as they come in (and I can get out from meetings and stuff).

KPBS is, commendably, staying on top of the fire situation, with a number of live streams. For yours, check this page here. Unfortunately, it all seems to be Windows Media. I can’t make it work on Linux (or even the Windows media stuff on a Mac), but your listenage may vary. (Could be they have .mp3 or other streams and I’m missing it.)

KPBS has a volunteer page.

Question: Have there been bigger evacuations than this one in California? Ever? I suppose Katrina and some of the coastal Florida and Texas hurricanes pushed more away from homes, but I’m not sure. is updating on the San Bernardino Mountain fires. Can’t get on it right now, but it’s there.

Unrelated, but we have turkeys in Boston.

Sheila Lennon on Paul McNamara on Jim Forbes’ Fireblogging. Many links and stories at all three of those.

BloggersBlog has lots of sandiegofire links.

twits: viss, hannabananna, numist, nateritter.

Fire map.

San Diego County Emergency page. It has maps in .pdf form.

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2 Responses to Fire news, cont’d

  1. fp says:

    above is the kpbs twitter feed

  2. Wade says:


    Just wanted to share, I was able to get KPBS streaming on a Linux system using VLC.

    Copy/paste the stream link. After the commercial, view the playlist, then double-click the non-commercial looking link to start. I had some trouble getting it to play, but right-clicking the link in the playlist and selecting “preparse” got it to work.

    Hope this helps and many thanks for sharing these links.

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