The leading coast?

John Quimby asks, Why is Newspaper 2.0 still Newspaper 0.2? His bottom lines:

  Newspaper 2.0 might be coming soon, but we really won’t see what it looks like until 2.0 managers include video and audio as well as web design and graphic animation fully integrated on their pages.
  Since the entire concept of Newspaper 2.0 is being and has been pioneered in Santa Barbara, to some degree because of the shift in the value of our own conventional media, it will be interesting to see if someone around here will make it a reality that others can see and advance.

Anybody up for doing an sbnewsriver on the South Coast? Datum: We did one once for the Day Fire, now well over a year ago. We should have had one for the Zaca Fire.

Land rush time: I just ran a whois for It isn’t taken. Neither is

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4 Responses to The leading coast?

  1. Stan Krome says:

    Quimby and Searls together have decades of professional media experience (both old and new) between them…I sense a collaboration in the making. We need you now more than ever.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, Stan. I’d love to collaborate. I just need to make sure the plate in front of me isn’t more heaped that it already is. You have something specific in mind?

  3. John Quimby says:

    Hey Stan –

    Does that mean we owe you a commission? Would lunch cover it?

    Thanks for the newsriver link Doc. I heard you sketch out this concept at UCSB and was impressed with the application on fire news coverage.

    The link explains how it works. This kind of data tends to bounce off of my non-technical brain but I promise to read it and at the very least use it to make polite cocktail conversation.

    Beyond that?

  4. Stan Krome says:

    At this moment, I am in San Miguel de Allende…but I will be back by Halloween (or Day of the Dead if you prefer) Yes lunch will probably commence to begin to start the process…mark your calendario…

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