Hello, Earth!

I’m at my Aunt Grace’s new place way back in the woods on a Maine coastal peninsula, feeling way cool that I have successfully guessed the WEP key on her wi-fi station, and am now connected to the Net via her rooftop satellite connection. Meaning that all these bits travel a 25,000 mile round trip to get where they’re going. Not a big deal anymore, I know, but I still think it’s cool that it works at all.

We went hiking in the woods this afternoon, looking mostly at fall colors above and soft mosses below. But somewhere in there we found an old mica mine, with some of the most amazing rocks I’ve ever seen.

It’s fun to visit with so many New Jersey relatives that have moved to rural New England. I feel like I’m in Monmouth County in a parallel universe.

Might have pictures later. Not sure. Too much else going on.

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  1. JTH says:

    Hey Doc
    Just back from Maine myself
    Now have all 50 states except for Alaska on my list

    Was in Belfast/Searsport area for wedding, then tried Rt 1 and Bar Harbor etc.
    Northern Michigan with tides, some beautiful, some not quite

    Too busy to blog for now, may post photos later
    Well, did put one up on blog …


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