Rainbow sky

On the trip over here to London last Sunday evening, I shot a set of 24 photos over about a minute and a half while our United 777 ascended through a layer of cirrus clouds at around 25,000 feet, give or take. The sunlight passing through the clouds, which at this altitude were comprised of ice crystals, produced a form of rainbow called a “sundog“. These can also be seen from the ground, but obviously the better angle is on the level at the clouds’ own altitude, with the rising or setting sun at a low angle. Normally I toss most of the shots I take, but in this series every one was a keeper.

7 responses to “Rainbow sky”

  1. […] read Doc Searl’s blog daily, but today he published a Flickr stream of ”Sundog” photos I’d like to draw […]

  2. Takes one to know one, you old sun dog, you.

  3. I have to count coup on you, Doc. I have pics of a circular rainbow (or sundog, if you wish). http://flickr.com/photos/russnelson/1390366208/

  4. Sigh. I should have guessed.

  5. Wow! Very nice, i’ve never seen such rainbows

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