Big Effing(ham) Cross

About an hour into Southern Illinois after watching St. Louis’ Gateway Arch recede from our rear-view mirrors, we were met along Interstate 70 by an even more surreal giant totem: a white cross, rising oddly out of a field next to the highway and behind a bunch of industrial buildings. So we shot a bunch of pictures of it and kept on trucking. Later I looked up giant cross 70 illinois and found Effingham, Illinois – Giant Cross, at

In case a nearly 200-foot cross isn’t surreal enough for you, this site is enhanced by ten rock-shaped (as in “Rock of Ages”, natch) speakers next to the stone tablets for each Commandment, blasting out what sounds like the stuttering instrumental break from Pink Floyd’s “One Of These Days.” Press a button by each station and hear a bit of wisdom appropriate to the given Commandment. [Aqua Larva, 10/28/2006]

Now I’m sorry we didn’t stop.

(By the way, I’m posting this from the passenger seat of our car, heading toward Cleveland just past Columbus in Ohio on Interstate 71. Gotta hand it to Verizon: EvDO actually works here. It’s the first stretch on the whole trip where the connection has stayed up.)

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3 Responses to Big Effing(ham) Cross

  1. Matt says:

    If you really want to drive around southern Illinois looking at crosses you can also see Bald Knob Cross ( outside of Alto Pass Illinois.

    It has a prettier view than the Effingham cross, roughly the same pun factor, but is harder to get to.

  2. JTH (Chip) says:

    NW Mich there’s “ski” area named Nub’s Nob
    Turns out that in “English” english, “Nob” is reference to part of one’s anatomy which is particular to the male …

  3. Jerry Brown says:

    As I worked into this makeing of this cross I used to tell my wife that I was working on a cross each night when I would come home from work about 4 months later she thought that was just a saying of mine, well little did she know I was really working on the worlds biggest cross, Iam suprised and glad that its a land mark now.Sufficed to say I enjoyed working on this cross and that I am glad that I was apart of the makeing of it!

    Yours truly Jerry.

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