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A thermal theory of basketball

Chemistry is a good metaphor for how teams work—especially when times get tough, such as in the playoffs happening in the NBA right now. Think about it. Every element has a melting point: a temperature above which solid turns liquid. Basketball … Continue reading

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Lens vs. Camera

I did a lot of shooting recently with a rented Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS II lens, mounted on my 2013-vintage Sony a7r camera. One result was the hummingbird above, which you’ll find among the collections here and here. Also, here’s … Continue reading

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Laws of Identity

When digital identity ceases to be a pain in the ass, we can thank Kim Cameron and his Seven Laws of Identity, which he wrote in 2004, formally published in early 2005, and gently explained and put to use until … Continue reading

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