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Revolutions take time

The original version of this ran as a comment under Francine Hardaway‘s Medium post titled Have we progressed at all in the last fifty years? My short answer is “Yes, but not much, and not evenly.” This is my longer answer. … Continue reading

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Dear DSCC: unsubscribe means unsubscribe

I have unsubscribed from the DSCC mailing list, which I never joined, multiple times. Here’s a screen shot of my last unsubscribe session, dated 21 October: That’s the third screen, after others that mute the unsubscribe option. At this point, … Continue reading

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Ya(cht) gotta love the Web

A giant yacht was anchored just outside the harbor in Santa Barbara for much of this past week: Among its impressive features (though not especially visible in this, my shitty photo) is the helicopter on one of the aft decks. … Continue reading

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Tab closings

These are all the non-advertising-related items I just moved out of this post here on This Wired piece on podcasting’s history fails to mention either Dave Winer or RSS. Huge oversights, those. Without mentioning the Wired piece, Dave offers many … Continue reading

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Boston is the Top Radio Market for Sports

So I did some research, and Boston wins, big: Boston 11.0 Philadelphia 8.7 Minneapolis-St.Paul 6.9 Detroit 6.4 Middlesex-Somerset-Union, NJ 6.4 Oklahoma City 6.2 Baltimore 6.1 Nashville 5.9 New York 5.8 Pittsburgh 5.8 Kansas City 5.8 Dallas-Fort Worth 5.7 Nassau-Suffolk, NY … Continue reading

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