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Some new ways to look at infrastructure

Nothing challenges our understanding of infrastructure better than a crisis, and we have a big one now in Houston. We do with every giant storm, of course. New York is still recovering from Sandy and New Orleans from Katrina. Reforms and … Continue reading

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How the personal data extraction industry ends

Who Owns the Internet? — What Big Tech’s Monopoly Powers Mean for our Culture is Elizabeth Kolbert‘s review in The New Yorker of several books, one of which I’ve read: Jonathan Taplin’s Move Fast and Break Things—How Facebook, Google, and Amazon Cornered … Continue reading

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What happened to nonviolence?

Two graphs tell some of the story. First is how often “nonviolence” and “non-violence” appeared in books until 2008, when Google quit keeping track: Second is search trends for “nonviolence” and “non-violence” since 2004, which is when Google started keeping track of … Continue reading

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I’m blogging mostly at these days. Just letting you know. Nothing wrong here. Partly it’s easier there. I can just post, y’know? Like tweeting, but without the icky limits. But mostly it’s that I see the future of blogging there, rather than … Continue reading

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The passive usefulness of public photography

While I’m recovering more slowly than I’d like from some minor eye surgery, reading is too much of a chore; but searching for stuff isn’t. So here’s a list of articles and postings leveraging public photos I’ve shared, Creative Commons licensed to … Continue reading

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