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Remembering Bob Kauffman

When the Los Angeles Clippers open their first game at home this season, I want them to pause and celebrate their original franchise player: Bob Kauffman, the team’s all-star center for its first three seasons, when they were the Buffalo Braves. I also think the team should retire … Continue reading

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What am I doing here?

I was born sixty-eight years ago today, in Jersey City‘s Christ Hospital, at around eleven in the morning. I would have been born earlier, but the hospital staff tied Mom’s legs together so I wouldn’t come out before the doctor showed up. … Continue reading

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Why the strange uploads to @Flickr?

I’ve got 58,765 photos on Flickr, so far. These have 8,618,102 views at the moment, running at about 5,000 a day. The top count this last week was 11,766. Not that I’m into stats. I just want to make clear that I’m deeply invested in … Continue reading

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Idea: nets from the Nets for Brooklyn’s schools and playgrounds

Here is a simple idea for the Brooklyn Nets that will do a world of good for their borough and their team: provide new nets for every net-less basketball hoop in every school and playground. The cost of few thousand … Continue reading

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Blogging all over the place

People are asking me why I blog so little these days. Fact is, I blog as much as ever. Just not all here. For example, there’s Linux Journal. My latest there is Privacy is Personal. A good one, I think. … Continue reading

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Fun with tropo

Right now every FM and TV station in Santa Barbara and San Diego can be heard in both places. Between them lays more than 200 miles of ocean across a curved earth. I’m not there right now, but I see … Continue reading

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