Monthly Archives: April 2015 is a failed exercise in misdirection

[Note added 4 August 2016: Since I wrote this, has expanded into a service called Free Basics. All the criticisms below apply to that as well. — Doc] Like the universe, the Internet is one thing. It is a … Continue reading

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This is why you want a window seat

I’ve seen auroras on red-eyes between the U.S. and Europe before. This one over Lake Superior, for example, on a July night in 2007. And this one over Greenland in September 2012. But both of those were fairly dim. Sunday night’s red-eye … Continue reading

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Newsstands are à la carte. How about online as well?

I travel a lot, and buy newspapers wherever I happen to be. That would be true online as well, if I could do it. But I can’t, because that’s not an option. For example, my butt is in California right now, … Continue reading

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The best 3-point shooter you never saw

I remember the first time I saw Dwight Durante shoot. It was in the old Guilford College gym. Catawba College was the visiting team. Guilford in those days was a small college basketball powerhouse, ranked among the top NAIA schools. Our … Continue reading

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On @Cluetrain, @advertising @social and #NewClues

In There Is No More Social Media — Just Advertising, Mike Proulx (@McProulx) begins, Fifteen years ago, the provocative musings of Levine, Locke, Searls and Weinberger set the stage for a grand era of social media marketing with the publication … Continue reading

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