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Why EULAs suck for the Internet of Things

I’ve been asked how EULAs — End User License Agreements — might affect the Internet of Things, now becoming better known as the IoT. Good question. The topic is hot: Development, however, is another story. There we are headed straight into a log-jam that … Continue reading

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Digging a new River for the NYTimes

Dave says “The New York Times home page needs a re-think.” But he doesn’t stop there, because thinking isn’t enough and complaining is worse than useless. (As I’ve often found. For example, here.) We need to hack up something new, … Continue reading

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The Santa Barbara shooting

Update: 2am, Sunday 25 May: The Long Tail/Tale tellers have this whole thing under Wikipedian control at 2014 Isla Vista Shootings. So I’ll let them take it from here. Update: 12:37am, Sunday 25 May, and the main details are mostly … Continue reading

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On promise lost

I was digging around for links toward a post on Brian Knappenberger‘s crowdsourced Aaron Swartz documentary, The Internet’s Own Boy, when I learned that Malik Bendjelloul, the documentary filmmaker who won an Oscar last year for Searching for Sugar Man, was also dead — … Continue reading

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Let’s pull news out of its hole

Most of what we call news is filler. The practice of filling space and time — stuffing “content” into a “news hole” — is a relic of an era when printing and broadcast space and time were limited, privately held, … Continue reading

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The best travel accessory, ever

Monster’s Outlets To Go power strip is the most useful many-purpose accessory I’ve ever thrown into a bag and plugged into a wall. Or a floor. It’s a light and compact four-outlet power strip with a short cord that wraps … Continue reading

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Proof that Steve is dead

If Apple buys Beats, it will bite off more than it can eschew. Beats is a Big Brand. Everywhere you go, you see that red b over countless auditory canals, with red cords snaking down into pockets and purses. And … Continue reading

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The long run

 Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a … Continue reading

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@CoxComm: This time start with Santa Barbara

Back in the mid-’00s, a group of us in Santa Barbara got some balls rolling toward fiber-ing up the City and/or the County (by the same name), since it was clear that Cox Communications, our monopoly high-speed Internet provider, cared … Continue reading

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