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WTF is “click on the current time to hear these songs”?

This stuff appears on my screen at odd times, and disappears after a few seconds: Anybody know what it is? When I search for “Click on the current time to hear these songs” I find nothing. Thanks. [Later…] Turns out … Continue reading

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50,000 Photos as a Blog

Yesterday I posted some shots of the crater-shaped Kiglapait Mountains on the frozen coast of Labrador, including the one above. Here’s how views of those shots, and many others, looked in Flickr’s stats: It got 90 views. Not a lot. … Continue reading

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Escaping the Black Holes of Centralization

Turkey shut down Twitter today. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced, “We now have a court order. We’ll eradicate Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic.” (Hurriyet Daily News) … Continue reading

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Closing tabs

Mobile (especially Auto) Phil Windley: Auto Industry is Ground Zero in Technology Disruption 10-4 Good Buddy! Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Vehicles That Get Better Over Time Education Ayesha Adamo in Alternet: The School of Belle Knox — The Duke Porn … Continue reading

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Ash tray snowbank

Spent some time this morning wondering whether the butts in the melting snow by the A Train station at Dyckman Street migrated there from elsewhere, or if the former snowbank served as an ashtray for smoking passengers. Either way, it’s … Continue reading

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