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Searls Glasses vs. Google Glass

For many years I’ve wanted glasses that would help me observe and record what I see and hear in the world — but in a polite way that would respect the privacy of others. Since nobody has made anything like … Continue reading

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The hell of comments

So I wanted to add a comment under Jonathan D. Fitzgerald’s essay “Lena Dunham Is The New John Updike — But Not In A Good Way“, in WBUR‘s Cognoscenti ‘zine (which I just discovered, and I like). So I wrote … Continue reading

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Weekend linkings

Photography Stephen Lewis in The Mosque of Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa, Istanbul: The Creation of Space, Floor-Level Views, and Architecture Through a Normal Focal-Length Lens. He begins, Sometimes, I try to picture the growth of cities and the evolution of architectural styles … Continue reading

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Almost daily link pile

Thinkings Quote of the day: “You start with a random clump of atoms, and if you shine light on it for long enough, it should not be so surprising that you get a plant.” Jeremy England of MIT, in A … Continue reading

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Getting into my header

Since I’ve been maturing while my blog header has not, I’ve been thinking that soon is a good time to change it. The old headshot, or art-from-a-headshot, dates from the last Millennium, when I still wore granny glasses and had … Continue reading

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Deep Winter Reading

Well, it’s not all reading, because I’m starting with photography, notably the latest from Stephen Lewis, whose prose runs as deep and broad as the soul in his work. — DS Photography Stephen Lewis in Bubkes: A Short-Lived Project: Chaos, … Continue reading

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Into the dark

The power is out and won’t be back for awhile. That’s what the guys in the hard hats tell me, down where they’re working, at the intersection where our dead-end street is born. Many trucks are gathered there, with bright … Continue reading

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Close to home

Fort Lee has been in the news lately. Seems traffic access to the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee was sphinctered for political purposes, at the spot marked “B” on this map here: (This was later the place where “bridgegate” … Continue reading

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Something beyond perfection

I last visited Barcelona more than twenty years ago. Back then the Sagrada Família was already impressive, but also incomplete.  All that stood were the nativity façade and some small number (four? eight?) of the Sagrada’s eventual eighteen towers. I … Continue reading

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The Holy Mountain of Montserrat

To an window-sitter accustomed to flying over the American West, Catalonia from altitude looks like Utah. On the northern horizon the Pyrenees, like the Uintahs, run east-west above a dry landscape of settled alluvium, much of it reddish as the San … Continue reading

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