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2013_06_30 Link Pile

The world As Istanbul Protests Continue: “Lider” as “Führer,” a Frequent Characterization, by Stephen Lewis in Also Gezi Park: Street Vendors, Vanishing Roots of Urban Economies and Urban Democracy. New Regulations for Skype and Viber in Bahrain. By Amira … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Celtics-Nets trade

I love watching basketball. Loved playing it too, back in the Millennium. I grew up a Knicks fan. In my North Carolina years (’65-’85) I was a fan first of Guilford College (my alma mater), then of the ACC’s Big … Continue reading

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West Fork Fire

On my way back to New York from Sydney on Wednesday, while flying east over the San Juan National Forest and the Rio Grande National Forest in southern Colorado, I shot what at first I though was a controlled burn, … Continue reading

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2013_06_26 Link Pile

3 lessons for newsrooms from UsVsTh3m and The Guardian’s Firestorm project. By Craig Silverman in Poynter. FCC Announces Application Window for New Low PowerFM Stations. By Cody Duncan in Future of Music Coalition. Fact sheet. What’s the ‘Internet of Everything’ … Continue reading

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2013_06_24 Link Pile

How to value personal data, by Ctrl-Shift World Economic Forum Sharing Economy Position Paper, at Collaborative Consumption Attention Economy vs. Intention Economy, a diagram by Robert Bashor. Also part of The system dynamics of an intention economy. How does GHCQ’s … Continue reading

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Aviation vs. Weather

Yesterday we were in Melbourne. Then we flew to Sydney, got some sleep, and caught flights to Auckland, Los Angeles and Newark. Except, we’re not in Newark. A storm there delayed things, and we’re on the ground getting re-fueled at … Continue reading

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Opposites distract

Just discovered by Antipodr that Bermuda and Perth are antipodes: located at the exact other ends of the Earth from each other. I’m in Melbourne, Australia, which is the antipode of a spot on the h of North Atlantic Ocean on Antipodr’s … Continue reading

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2013_06_20 link pile

The Deteriorata, which parodies The Desiderata, much as The Gluetrain Manifesto parodied The Cluetrain Manifesto. My fave line from another parody, perhaps by the same guy, of the “Markets are conversations” line: “Markets are money.” QR codes aren’t dead yet. … Continue reading

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2013_06_18 Link Pile

Quote of the Day: There is no way to build a mirror world without a network of decentralized cooperating agents. — Phil Windley My keynote talk at KuppingerCole‘s EIC conference in May. (Registration required.) American Customer Satisfaction Index Google’s Loon … Continue reading

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2013_06_17 Link Pile

Edward Snowden Q&A with readers at The Guardian. An amazing and historic moment happening, right now. Surveillance blowback, by Bruce Schneier Body scanner ruling could squelch NSA domestic spying: Electronic Privacy Information Center organizes request by leading technologists to halt … Continue reading

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