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Holes in The Cloud

So our family of three is sharing a hotel room while doing some holiday stuff. The hotel charges about $20/day per device to use its wi-fi. We have seven devices that are Net-enabled, but so far have only one (my … Continue reading

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Comments vs. Likes, Tweets, Shares and +1s

At the bottom of How Luther went viral: Five centuries before Facebook and the Arab spring, social media helped bring about the Reformation, an excellent essay in the latest Economist, I found this… … and decided to leave the first … Continue reading

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If you hate Big Government, fight SOPA.

Nobody who opposes Big Government and favors degregulation should favor the Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as SOPA, or H.R. 3261. It’s a big new can of worms that will cripple use of the Net, slow innovation on it, … Continue reading

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Broadband vs. Internet

By design, the Internet¬†supports everything you can do with it. As deployed, it is no more capable than the infrastructures that carry it. Here in the U.S. most of the infrastructures that carry the Internet are owned by telephone and … Continue reading

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Be careful about what you call dead

In The Web is on life support: Forrester Research, Marketwatch reports on a speech titled “Three Social Thunderstorms,” by Forrester CEO¬†George Colony at LeWeb. Sourcing both the Marketwatch report and George’s slides, this appears to be what he said*… Thunderstorm … Continue reading

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What’s popular vs. What’s used

In terms of sales, Android is tops in smarphones. According to this ComScore press release, Google had a 46.3% market share of U.S. smartphone platform sales (with Android) in October, up 4.4% from July. At 28.1%, Apple’s iOS share was … Continue reading

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