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Restaurant redux

The best Romans we ever knew were former ex-pats there: Charles and Doris Muscatine. We didn’t know them well, having met only once, for dinner in the early ’90s, at their son Jeff’s house in the Bay Area. But it turned out … Continue reading

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When in Rome…

So we’re in Rome and I’m thinking about Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf and cable cars… When I lived in the Bay Area and hung out in San Francisco, I did like all the other locals, and stayed away from the tourist … Continue reading

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Prego re Vodafone land Net in Italy

Friday, 24 June… Heard from @VodafoneIT that there had been a “ticket” in Rome yesterday, and that the problem is fixed now. Usage (considered below) was not the issue. Hat tip to @VodafoneIT for getting back to me with the … Continue reading

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Let’s all be spotted hawks

OwnerIQ sez, This video explains what they mean. Compare those people and the way they define themselves—as products (a BMW, an iPad)—to the way Walt Whitman defined himself, just before Industry won the Industrial Revolution: I know I am solid and sound. … Continue reading

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hNews vs. rNews?

It’s been almost two years since the Associated Press issued a press release that began this way: 07/23/2009 AP Press Release Associated Press to build news registry to protect content Registry will provide tools to monitor use of AP and … Continue reading

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I used to write poetry. I’m talking mostly decades ago. at my ages, that could be any of manywhen a little cummings in that last line. Been digging Good Poems, selected by Garrison Keillor. The poem for my last post … Continue reading

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Creation is every thing

Creation is every thing: The blade, the cradle The rock and the hand. All nouns and all verbs; But no adjectives, no adverbs. Just what is, what was, What will be, And how.

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Long Tale

So Dan Gillmor and I will be on stage later today at the Personal Democracy Forum at NYU. What questions should we be asking the the people we’d rather not call the audience? [Later…] Since I’ve been told that the … Continue reading

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