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VRM meets CRM

CRM Magazine has devoted much of its May 2010 issue, including its cover and lead stories, to VRM and the growing power of individual customers, within which VRM is one vector. Naturally, Cluetrain is also covered, since it pointed in … Continue reading

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I was overheard to have said…

Here is a well-done write-up of what I said in an interview by Lee Rainie yesterday here at FutureWeb in Raleigh. Having a fun time.

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A happy beginning to the new WQXR story

Last July I explained Why WQXR is better off as a public radio station. One hundred and twelve comments followed, the last posted in January of this year. Far as I know, that’s a record for this blog. Background: when … Continue reading

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Here’s what I see at the top of my WordPress dashboard: At a Glance 1,374 Posts 10,720 Comments 3 Pages 8,013 Approved 38 Categories 69 Pending 1,476 Tags 2,637 Spam Akismet has protected your site from 266,660 spam comments already, … Continue reading

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The teachings of failure

We’ve seen this movie: the one where a big company takes over a whole market ecosystem. There was IBM with mainframes, Microsoft with operating systems, Apple with pocket music players (and now apps for phones and tablets). But there’s another … Continue reading

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Write and Wrong

When Gizmodo reported on the next-generation iPhone that had come into its hands, I was as curious as the next geek about what they’d found. But I didn’t think the ends justified the means. The story begins, You are looking at … Continue reading

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Dissing Vulcan

Phoebe Kilgour, a Dickinson College junior, said the trip taught her about how a country prepares for a natural phenomenon. “I learned that something that seemed insignificant at the time, like a volcano erupting, can have a huge impact on … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Branding

Lots of trackbacks (or pingbacks) are spam, and I don’t approve them for the comments section. But some pass the first sniff test, and some are interesting enough to warrant a reply. That’s what happened with the post “To be … Continue reading

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How Infrastructure Learns

I’ll be giving a talk by the title above, at 4pm in the conference room of the Berkman Center, 23 Everett Street in Cambridge. The occasion is the regular bi-weekly meeting of our Infrastructure Group — an informal collection of … Continue reading

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Brands are Bull

At 11:30pm on April 22, 1978 Saturday Night Live opened with Paul Schaffer, made up to look like music promoter Don Kirshner (whose show ran in most markets right after SNL). What followed was a lesson in branding that we’re … Continue reading

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