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Beyond celebrity obsession

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. — Eleanor Roosevelt Somebody I wish to discuss an idea here. It’s an idea about celebrity, and it follows an event that has become a black hole in … Continue reading

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Life in Cox tech support hell

Major props to Cox for cranking up my speeds to 18Mb/s downstream and 4Mb/s upstream. That totally rocks. I’m getting that speed now. Here’s what Cox’s local diagnostic tool says: TCP/Web100 Network Diagnostic Tool v5.4.12 click START to begin Connected … Continue reading

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Living Ends

This twitter post, from @KNX1070 four minutes ago, says Michael Jackson is dead. Google News‘ latest, from Fox, says he’s being rushed to the hospital. Here’s the latest Google search, as of 3:42pm Pacific: A snapshot in time, already changed. … Continue reading

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Tech hell, cont’d

The idea was to take some down time in Santa Barbara and get work done in my own nice office, with my nice comfortable chair, surrounded by space and time, with soft sea breezes blowing through. Instead it’s been tech … Continue reading

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This latency is caused by ____ ?

Starting a few days ago, nothing outside my house on the Net has been closer than about 300 miliseconds. Even, which I can see from here, is usually no more than 30 ms away on a ping test. Here’s … Continue reading

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Punching out of connectivity hell

For reasons I don’t have time to trouble-shoot, there is too much latency between my house and Cox, my Internet provider here in Santa Barbara. On top of that, re-setting my SMTP (outbound email) to, which has always worked … Continue reading

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Hotel jumps to light speed

Hard to tell from the looks of these, but they’re columns in front of the Park Plaza Hotel in London. The rest of my London shots from last week are here.

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Apple control freakiness

Apple has the best taste in the world. It also has the tightest sphincter. This isn’t much of a problem as long as they keep it in their pants, for example by scaring employees away from saying anything about anything … Continue reading

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Cluetrain Chugs Again

I think this may be the first time I’m listed first on anything alphabetical. The S in my surname usually puts me near the back of the aphabetical bus; but with Weinberger and Zittrain’s help, I’m listed first. Cool. I … Continue reading

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Dwarf Star Alliance

I fly United Airlines with a frequency sufficient to earn me 1K status. That stands for more than 100,000 miles per year. I’ve had that status for at least the last three years, and was an Premier Exeutive (next status … Continue reading

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