Hmm, cont’d

More Live Web buzz.

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  1. Mike Warot says:

    Doc, I’m glad you’re doing ok.

    I’m doing my part (albeit a very, very small one) to help get the security aspect of things back under control in the personal computing scene… albeit very slowly, by getting capability based security out into a bit of sunshine. Instead of tackling an entire OS build, in talking with others I realized that a simple proxy could work to get the ball rolling. 8)

    Thanks for showing me, and others, how to make a difference in the world. It takes sustained effort, but it’s not impossible if you do the things you’ve pointed us to:

    Talk consistently about a specified subject.

    Add tags and metadata to your blog and others to make your existing work continue to be accessible, and to add value to it.

    Do google searches (or even subscribe to them) on your chosen topics of interest, to help stay in the conversation.

    Now, on top of that I kinda (kinda!) disagree on the whole “half baked” notion of blog posts, but I’m willing to talk about it. I think that it’s important to spend some extra time and edit your own stuff, to help reduce the emotional content, and put the focus where it belongs, on the subject matter at hand. This helps make things less reactionary, and more considered. I see it as an antidote to the “first post” syndrome that got it’s name at Slashdot, and seems to infect the whole World Live Web.

    Have I missed anything in this list?

    Thanks again.


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