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Clues vs. Trains, cont’d

For some reason this blog has failed to post the comment that I just wrote in response to Simon Edhouse‘s latest comment in response to the Clues vs. Trains post. It’s within a good dialog that involves Simon’s post here, … Continue reading

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VRM Linkage and Thinkage.

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And now, in my case as well

This is mostly true: This one is my fave. There is no business I wish more that I had thought of than Just freaking brilliant. And humbling.

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Thought du jour

The Net is a way to work around the silos that substitute for it. This came to me after seeing “Twitter is over capacity.” for the Nth time. Twitter will be better off when it’s the best of its own … Continue reading

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Tropical Massachusetts

It was a clear morning yesterday when I flew out of Boston, and almost identical when I landed in San Francisco. ForĀ  oddball reasons of season and perspective, many of the sights on the outbound looked like the coast of … Continue reading

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A little

Good news.

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Killer “journalism”

Yesterday on the drive from SFO to Palo Alto, I hit SCAN on the rental car radio. Aside from the sports shows and the still-awesome KPIG (with a little signal on 1510 out of Oakland… check it out), most of … Continue reading

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Clues vs. Trains

I don’t begrudge anybody going after advertising money. And I don’t have anything against advertising itself. For many products and services advertising will remain the best way for supply and demand to get acquainted. But advertising also involves guesswork and … Continue reading

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Hope for old fat guys everywhere

While the kid had his violin lesson this evening at his school, I went out and shot hoops for as long as it took. Hits vs. Misses, all shots from beyond the foul line in any direction. When the kid … Continue reading

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More Motown

It’s a warm breezy day in Cambridge, a perfect pre-summer day for the Motown Orgy that WHRB is holding right now. I caught it first this morning on my way back from dropping the kid off at school, and it’s … Continue reading

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