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For those attempting to reach me at my email address, that server is getting replaced and should be up later today, along with the rest of [Later…] Stuff is up, but still being sorted out. Please hold until … Continue reading

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KFI’s tower closer to going back up

The Whittier Daily News says the La Mirada planning commission has recommended approval of KFI’s request to rebuild the station’s tower, which was knocked down by a small airplane in 2004. For old radio freaks like me, this is interesting. … Continue reading

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Adventures with Because Effects

Twitter is paying my rent, Marshall Kirkpatrick says. Specifically, I don’t mean they’ve hired me as a consultant, though I would love that, I mean Twitter is great for news discovery. Read on for my thoughts on how you can … Continue reading

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The Paxton Theater Fire, from 35,000 feet

So I was flying from Boston to Atlanta by way of Chicago, heading south across Illinois roughly on a vector that took me along Interstate 57. I had enjoyed getting looks at varioius intersections and landmarks (Chicagoland Speedway, Argonne National … Continue reading

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Grate minds scourge alike

Uncov reminds me of @man. @man in 1990-something… Guess what? We already have all the things we want. As soon as we’re ready for something new, we get it — for free. Why? Because the traditional consumer/producer relationship doesn’t exist … Continue reading

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Nothing impersonal

Very interesting demo of how Facebook Beacon works. Never mind (or go ahead, mind) that it’s at Note at that second link how Facebook addresses advertisers and not users, in the second person voice. Enable your customers to share … Continue reading

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Microsith. Gluetrain. Titanic Deck Chair Rearrangement Corporation.

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Live lunch

I’m at the weekly luncheon series at Berkman, which will be webcast live. Today’s speaker is Michael Anti (Zhao Jing), a Nieman Fellow here at Harvard, and a journalism researcher with the New York Times’ Beijing bureau. More here. An … Continue reading

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Making Rules, II

So many comments, so little time. I have to run to a bus in the rain shortly. So I’ll respond to just one: Don Dodge’s. Yes, it’s true that “consumers sometimes forget the bargain they made in exchange for the … Continue reading

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Time to write our own rules

So I’ve been reading Dave Winer, Ethan Zuckerman, Jeff Jarvis, David Wienberger and Wendy Seltzer, all of whom have problems with what Facebook is doing with its members’ data. Dave in particular is looking for action: There are thorny issues … Continue reading

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