Shortest wave

More than 100 times faster than WiFi? suggests that chips transmitting wirelessly in the 60GHz spectrum, where waves are milimeters long, would be a practical replacement for Wi-Fi, or other forms of wireless transmission.

I think the advantages here are high, but over very short-ranges — feet or yards — given the relatively low penetrating power of radio waves at frequencies that high. But… I dunno. My RF understanding grew up on waves ranging in lengths from towers to tonsils. Could be this new stuff has a lot more promise than I’m ready to guess.

2 responses to “Shortest wave”

  1. Agree – I see this technology space as having a design target for being the replacement for the short USB/HDMI/Firewire patch cords interconnecting multimedia devices.

  2. I know that its an absolute certainty that in the developed world people’s internet connections will continue to get faster and the web will continue to get more bloated. But I should state that Wi-Fi is probably good enough for the near future and who can tell how online behavior will change?

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